Tension Banners & Systems

Over the last few years Tension Banner Systems have taken the world by storm. You simply can’t go anywhere without seeing them, and there are good reasons for this: they are cost effective, easy to transport, easy to install, even easier to change/update, and they can be front or back-lit.

They have replaced many old-style applications, such as billboards & back-lit images in shopping centres, partition walls, exhibition walling & hanging rigs.

Tension Banners are a printed textile-based media that is printed, cut to shape before a silicon strip, known as ‘Keder,’ is stitched around the outside edges of the banner. The Keder is designed to fit into an aluminium frame system meaning there is no need for any fixings whatsoever during installation.

At StandOut Graphics we print, cut and stitch our banners inhouse at our Leicestershire site. We have a testing facility to ensure all our banners fit the given frame size before shipping.

We also have inhouse facilities to supply a multitude of aluminium frame systems to suit the following applications:

As well as Tension Banner Systems, StandOut Graphics provide a multitude of other systems and banners such as, roller banners, PVC eyeleted banners, clip frames, A boards, flags and many more for both indoor and outdoor applications.

For more information on Tension Banners and our other systems please get in touch.