Our eye-catching graphics for a new Indian Restaurant

Summary of “brief” from the client Tamatanga:

“We are opening a brand-new Indian Restaurant in the centre of Leicester soon, and need you to produce and install some really bright, vibrant and eye-catching graphics that will generate loads of interest in the local area.”

Our challenge:

This was initially very much a restaurant in progress as it had yet to open, so was made up of two phases.  Firstly, we had to turn the black, boarded-up facades around the site development into colourful panels full of life, passion and information about what was to come from the Tamatanga restaurant. Then secondly, we would have to put our graphics on the restaurant windows and doors, ready for opening night.  This was to be the third restaurant Tamatanga were to open, following on from some great successes at their sister restaurants in Birmingham and Nottingham.  Tamatanga’s claim is that “…many say our food is just as good as the food they make back in India…”, so we really had to ensure we replicated the company’s message and vibrancy – and create a groundswell of interest from the hoarding boards initially.

The original black boarding

What we did:

As always here at StandOut Graphics we take our client’s brief straight to our team to harvest their best ideas and ensure we all focus on achieving the most impactive outcome possible.  As this was the third restaurant they would be opening, they provided the artwork for us to create, provide and install.  We decided that we would fill the boards – just like Tamatanga would be filling your plates! The colours would be spicy, lively, fun – and unavoidable.  This called upon our expertise in large scale print and superb quality colour finish.

Phase 1: The vibrantly colour large scale printed graphics cover the black boarding.

Well, look at what we produced.  It will come as no surprise to you to know that as soon as we started fitting our graphics to the black boards, passers-by were coming to us and asking us all about the new restaurant – especially when it would be opening!  What a great impact! It was great for us to know from this immediate reaction just how engaging our work was – even if we did have to keep stopping to talk about Tamatanga!

Then we set to work behind the scenes – literally – by preparing our work for the windows and doors of the restaurant, whilst the hoarding was still in place. We echoed the bright, vibrant colours and simple, strong messages of the client throughout, and decided that, for maximum impact we would put the graphics halfway up the glazing – this would catch the attention of passers-by AND let them have a peep inside! Once the hoarding was taken away, it was impossible not to glimpse the imminent tantalising treats that Tamatanga would be serving up! StandOut Graphics had once again created a real show-stopper – and we were only on site for two days!

Phase 2 Pre-launch graphics halfway up the glazing


With so many outlets closing in and around our city centres, it was a real joy to be involved with something that was genuinely at the heart of the Leicester community.  The colours and vibrance that we created really reflect the location, full of diversity and culture and offering a warm welcome and great food.  Whether it’s an exhibition stand, roll printing or art and canvasses, we always deliver. In fact, we help you StandOut from the crowd!